Skipper Sponsors for the Greyhope Bay Dolphins

Skipper Sponsors for the Greyhope Bay Dolphins

Joseph Robertson became Skipper Sponsors for the Greyhope Bay Dolphins at the Battery project back in August, with a £500 corporate donation and a commitment to fundraise a further £500. We opened a just-giving page that is still available if anyone wants to donate, and held a book and toffee tablet sale along with some lottery games to try and raise the money. We reached and just exceeded our target in time for the Greyhope Day celebrations, held on Sunday 29th September.

The project has raised over £90,000 in total already but has another £60,000 to go! We will continue to support the project into next year with a view to having the 1st stage of the project completed by the summer of 2020.

The first stage of the project will deliver a temporary zero-footprint glass fronted viewing platform, café and outdoor exhibit that invites visitors to experience our natural and historic environment while they explore an extraordinary local monument.
The second stage is a permanent and larger facility, that will be able to offer engaging educational opportunities based on marine science and wildlife, history and storytelling and artistic landscape and theatrical interpretation. For more information please visit their website

Members of the public can become Crew Members of the site for a £30 fee which includes 5 free coffees, a pin badge and 10% off events at the site so it’s well worth it to be involved and supporting such a great local project

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